About us

We offer years of experience in the logistics market in Poland, in the difficult countries of the Eastern European region and the whole world from Asia to Latin America. We combine this experience with the positive energy of a young team.

We are present on all continents as part of the Global Affinity Alliance network of partner offices and there is no place we cannot handle from a logistics perspective.

A young and extremely motivated team wants to show their value in the market and will go to any lengths to keep their word and deliver what has been promised to the Customer.

We’ll do more for you than others!

Mission Statement

We believe that thanks to an open and innovative approach to supply chain management and global partnerships network we can connect local Polish companies to the whole world.

„Connecting Poland to the World”

Our Vision – that is how we want to grow

We want to support small and medium-sized enterprises which are the driving force of the economy by helping them bring their products to the market quickly, safely and in an effective way.

We are committed to development and growth together with our Customers in order to establish our position on the Polish market in the top 10 companies within our sector by 2030.

Our values

thanks to which we can quickly adapt to Customer needs in a rapidly changing market.


is our focus when we deliver our logistics solutions to our Customers. We look for the right solutions for our Customers and fully inform them about the suggested services as well as benefits and risks associated with any of the solutions.


which means building on the technology and capabilities thanks to progress in IT. It opens new horizons for a modern type of a relationship between a customer and a logistics partner.


to work on competitive advantages for our Customers is one of our priorities.


of relationships and processes, an open approach to business and a long-term partnership are our values in which we invest and through which we want to be perceived.


which is the foundation of our business. For us, it is not only profit that matters but also the principles by which we operate, thanks to which we enjoy the trust of our Customers.

Trusted us