The North America project

The North America project

Make America SMART Again

  • comprehensiveness of services (AIR & SEA)
  • EXW/DAP/DDP conditions
  • own warehouse – organizing consoles, demoulding, container forming at lower costs and with full control over cargo
  • competitive rates for the east coast (including air)
  • fast operational response

The United States represents almost countless opportunities for foreign companies and investors.
In 2023 alone (H1 data), goods worth PLN 44.7 billion were imported to Poland, and the value of exports reached an impressive PLN 33.1 billion.

The most popular goods imported from the US to Poland are:

  • machinery and mechanical equipment
  • airplanes, vessels and automobiles
  • other transportation equipment
  • chemical and related products.

Shipped to North America are:

  • machinery and mechanical equipment
  • automotive parts and accessories
  • optical apparatus
  • measuring apparatus
  • construction materials
  • household goods
  • medical and food products.
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