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We are present on all continents as part of the Global Affinity Alliance network of partner offices – there is no place on earth that we could not handle. Contact us

Meet our company

An individual approach which takes into account the characteristics of the Customer’s industry, the scope of their activities and their experience in business ¬ are the basics we prepare our product and price offer on. Our easy-to-use and intuitive IT system offers full access to your shipments and documents at all times. It allows you to track your shipments, generate your own reports and place online orders that will automatically turn into active shipments.

We are a trustworthy and financially stable company. We have a full third party liability insurance (guarantee sum equal to one million euro per incident) and attractive CARGO insurance. We combine experience with the positive energy of our young team.

Connecting Poland to the World

We work with a diverse network of agents and that is why we can choose the best agent and conditions for any given country We are present on all continents as part of the Global Affinity Alliance network of partner offices and there is no place we cannot handle from a logistics perspective.

Our solutions for logistics

We have the knowledge and experience to provide professional services but we never position ourselves as the omniscient experts. We always listen to the individual needs of our Customers and we present them with solutions including services and prices available. We also inform them about the advantages and disadvantages of certain solutions as well as potential risks related to them. We assess the relationship between benefits and risks and select the optimum logistics solution for a specific situation and a particular order.

Manage the online customer zone

Thanks to SmartTrax system our Customers can remotely track their orders, place orders and receive information about rates in a fully flexible way. SmartTrax enables you to generate customized reports on the progress of the cooperation and the timeliness of shipowners or suppliers

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